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Changzhou wanda sheraton hotel has a millennium ancient rhyme "dragon city", so its interior decoration design send out the smell of thick ancient fragrance everywhere. ATTA lighting Co.,ltd undertake the whole hotel lighting engineering. Start

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    Lighting customization

The hotel lights are fully customized

Changzhou, Jiangsu, is an ancient city with a long history of more than 2500 years.In the city of Yancheng, one of the oldest and most complete cities in China, it can appreciate ancient colors and look at the history of thousands of years and listen to the ancient bells.The changzhou Sheraton hotel is located in this ancient city, so lush and lush, it has become the most profound brand in the city.

Changzhou Wanda Sheraton hotel has a magnificent lobby, a unique multi-functional hall, distinctive restaurants, 247 spacious and comfortable rooms and suites.Its developer, Wanda hotel construction, the biggest investment in China's five-star hotels, has opened 26 five-star hotels and super five-star hotels.

In fact, hotel interior design is functional and aesthetic synthesis.Hotel decoration company will according to the specific grade and level of the hotel, in addition to the housekeeping department in hotel design space function distribution points, other public activities and diet part also accounted for a significant proportion.Advanced large hotel equipped with restaurants, shopping malls, conference rooms, a swimming pool, gym, cultural entertainment facilities, within the meal should be points of different cuisines characteristics, different sizes of hall, etc.

Changzhou wanda sheraton hotel has a large number of products, a variety of products and a long period of time, and the attatta has been customised according to the characteristics and requirements of each space.According to incomplete statistics, the entire hotel is acted the role of nearly hundred kinds of category, the number of product size to hundreds, from the hall, hall, restaurant, banquet hall, multi-function hall, swimming pool to the presidential suite, superior rooms, again to the front of the elevator wall, public toilets and so on. All lighting be producted by ATTA.

Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby is the first impression for the people coming to the hotel. And generally speaking, the lobby is either brilliant or fresh. The wall of the reception desk insets a picture of lake ten color drawing in the lobby of Changzhou Wanda Hotel. Looking thin like the feather of the paper, standing on the tower of a thousand years, the guests seem to be in the top of the tower, the beautiful scenery of the lake is in the eyes. The whole lobby, filled with thick ink and ink, and a light water vapour is putting people in the water township of jiangnan.

In particular, the elegant chandelier hung in the middle of the lobby. In particular, the elegant chandelier hung in the middle of the lobby.The cascade of crystals, looking up to the standing of the millennium stylus tower, the shimmering plum flower pipe, tells the story of the centuries-old grand canal in the grand canal.

Such a light, such an atmosphere, keeping out of in the lobby of modern luxury and ancient charm, makes people seem to walk through the tunnel of time.

Lobby ceiling lamp is long of 9m, wide of 9m, and high of 6m. The lamp bracket uses high quality steel and imported stainless steel, copper. The body uses high quality crystal.

Hotel multi-function hall

The hotel has nine multi-function rooms with a total area of 2,030 square meters.Equipped with advanced audio-visual demonstration system and lighting intelligent control equipment, we can meet all kinds of business meetings, exhibitions, and various groups.In addition, the size of the venue can be changed according to the specific needs of the guests.

Yongrong hua GUI is the pronoun of the hotel multifunction hall.Here, crystal, the word "luxury" is fully explained.

The ceiling of quietly elegant, is inlaid with the crystal of luxury, unknowingly, many a kind of heroic.In particular, the geometry of the geometry, the more flatness of the imagination space.

Multi-function hall's absorbing light reflects the luxurious and magnificent modern sense, the pursuit of high quality of life.Enter the multifunction hall, can give a person a kind of luxurious atmosphere feeling.The effect of plum tubule - sparkling sparkling with the whole function hall, attracting customers.

This ceiling light made up by three geometries, is lamp with high quality steel products and imports of stainless steel, copper, light body mainly adopts the high quality crystal, especially choose 28 mm plum flower tube diameter, build is aroused the layers of ripples in the water quietly visual effect;With a diameter of 40mm, the import of Egyptian crystal ball, the reflection of crystal, more reveal the visual charm of the banquet hall.

Featured Chinese restaurant

The hotel's Chinese restaurant, in other words, is a variety of traditional Chinese dishes, undertaking different sizes and banquets.

The ceiling light in the Chinese restaurant, selecting cylindrical geometry in the complicated and superimposed way to present the nobility and luxury of the modern crystal chandeliers. Tidy outline, containing laborious lamplight, ingenious applying Crystal Octagon, creating waterfall cave sky visual effect.

The light and such atmosphere reveal the romance of Chinese style. Being here, feeling the warm light, just like as touching the edification of classical and modern Chinese and western culture.

The lamp holder chooses high quality steel and imported stainless steel, copper. The body uses domestic A class φ12mm crystal octagon, taking advantage of its preferable refraction effect, creating warm and romantic atmosphere.

Full-time Western restaurant

The whole restaurants’ environment is elegant and gorgeous, which makes you feel like than you are in a mysterious land. All kinds of delicacies are cooked by famous chefs. The precision and carefully work shows exotic and charming, and enjoying the wonderful world food.

This ceiling light is shaped like a beach, with a black silk fabric shade, like as a thin layer of silk.The light source is high and low, in the echelon form, giving a person with aesthetic feeling.

Western restaurant is romantic and costly.The dome light, made up by different sectors, which like connected seven continents in the world, just the interpretation of the meaning of the western restaurant - all over the world gourmet cuisine, letting the guests a big choice and be merry.

This lamp holder is made of high quality steel and imported stainless steel and copper.The lampshade is to choose light coffee silk cloth art, giving a person the feeling of quiet.Lamp body part adopts domestic class A diameter of 14 mm octagon beads and 38 mm diameter tip bead, and malalignment, octagon bead more edges and corners, strong refraction effect, highlighting the light and the environment harmonious relations, to create a more profound visual effect.

Suites and guest rooms

Spacious rooms and suites in 247. Each room or suite of, in particular, provides a warm sweet dream bed, comfortable duvet and a blanket, and equipped with LCD TV, large desk and provide high-speed Internet connections, to facilitate the guest to follow up important matters at any time, reflecting the ever-present comfortable supreme service idea.

The graceful curved pipe is matched with a fine. Smooth and shining hand glass, and the traditional charm of the traditional style leads the fashion trend. Under the clear crystal pendant , plays the luxurious, elegant, romantic art notes.