Galaxy Hotel Macau

Welcome to the Macau galaxy resort city, which is having Asian characteristic. Sometimes in the midst of an elegant and windy generation, sometimes lying in the maldivian coconut sands, shuttling through the streets of fashion, sometimes falling into the

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    Ding Yanqiang

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    Lighting custom design

Project Introduction

The macau galaxy hotel's landscape engineering project is the largest single scale landscape project in guangdong province.The total investment of the hotel project is about hk $15 billion, covering an area of 550,000 square meters.Among them, the landscape part of the garden covers an area of 220,000 square meters and costs about 230 million yuan.The most eye-catching is the 52,000 square meter platform garden, which has the largest sky surfing pool in the world with a total area of 4,000 square meters, which can lift up to 1.5 meters of high waves.The artificial beach next to the surf pool is paved with 350 tons of white sand and the coastline is 150 meters long.

Deep in the flowers, like shallow makeup.This "beauty makeup" is the proud work of stylist brilliant art.This determines that the lighting should conform to the general environment, and the special lamps and lanterns must be based on the same elements.Gold color tone, the whole environment is brimming with the expensive gas that makes people admire.

Choosing the element of Chinese lantern modeling, using the crystal to intensify its noble temperament. The main body is not the happy party of square crystal, without any insurmountable, totally maintained a queue, have also maintained the most natural and beautiful. Crystal pointed cone plays with the bottom of the lantern strips to increase the clever feeling in the rules.