Shangri-la hotel, Qingdao

In Qingdao, shangri-la, with its usual sumptuous atmosphere, has created a steady chapter of the shangri-la hotel in Qingdao.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Liao Shuiping

  • What did we do?

    Lighting custom design

Hotel Introduction

Come here, the milky white sky, the blue sea and the white sand, and bring your senses to the temple of experience.Take a deep breath and touch the tasteful furnishings, and the lobby lights are like a gentle boudoir in the air, with a faint scent in the air.

Qingdao is full of water color, a full view of the plain natural scenery. shangri-la hotel is the only luxury name here.The spa at the hotel enjoys a pampering massage, starting a new day, and checking in here is the first stop for exploring the coastal city.

hotel lobby

Came to the hotel lobby, the first thing you encounter is white crystalline light of strewn at random have send, contrasting with the exquisite, a hint of a buckle delicate, no flower, blossoms are visual effect.The distant mountains of quietly elegant, remind you already in Qingdao.The lake light mountain color is ready for you.

The banquet hall

A few conical crystal chandelier juxtaposition installation, make the whole banquet hall space more stereo feeling, the light interpenetration, big and not empty, create an atmosphere exquisite space.At the same time, the lights are set off in the surroundings of the colorful crystal lights, bringing the stars to the sky and creating endless reverie.

This kind of crystal lamp uses the seaside fisherman bamboo hat to design modelling, the whole design the regulation moment, not too many complicated, just can maintain Qingdao this place quiet and low-key atmosphere.

Western restaurant

The whole soft filling effect of western restaurant is concise and steady, the lamp act does not occupy too much space, but to conceal among them for illuming, to build atmosphere as the main mission.In the hotel design, the local solid and steady culture of the Qingdao blend together, more harmonious.

The guest rooms

Guest room is the main comfortable on soft outfit, without too many lamps and lanterns of visual impact, desk lamp is glittering and translucent pure crystal lamp, soft white chimney, lights much a pure, travel for a day, guests, resting is looking forward to the rare quiet.