Shanghai Zhengdai Himalayas Center

The total building area of 162270 square meters, having hotel, contemporary art museum, multi-function performing hall, shopping mall and office building these five business states.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Liao Shuiping

  • What did we do?

    Lighting customization

Project Overview

Its construction as a whole forms of "forest" by the glittering and translucent and transparent cube and scintillation metallic organic. It is beyond the concept of architecture and art. Though it is immersed in the city of troubles, but it can show by itself unique individual character and expression to attract the line of sight of people. It is a combination of human and the nature of architectural sculpture.

It locks for China's cultural theme hotel and embodies the aesthetic wisdom opportunely and contemporary Chinese culture, building a comprehensive care for life in the new century the layout of body, mind and soul. Achieve future model of Chinese cultural creative industry.

The hall is combined by eight cube tube lamp together, clinging to the ceiling, orderly arrangement. In the warm light of grace, it lit the room comfortable atmosphere and plays their own energy and luster.

The restaurant

After a busy day, the yearning for food comes back to the hotel, and you are eager to enjoy a delicious dinner.The circle has a complete meaning, so on the round table also corresponding collocation is a round light.The lamp doesn't have much decoration, but it can also be seen in the dining room.The original wooden dining table and chair around, match with the color of the lamp body itself, the contrast of a wood and iron material more can foil the atmosphere of eating, enhance the centripetal force.

Elevator corridor

Elevator corridor installed streamlined body seems to be the most beautiful, but also feel connecting to a in the waves. The hotel advocate nature, respecting in every place of heaven and earth to get incisively and vividly.