Foshan Guangdong Development Bank financial centre

Guangdong Development bank financial services centre projects with a total construction area of 340000 square meters, covers science and technology, information technology, operating office job, the industry of business training and credit management background, calling business and file management and so on six big functions. Building main body includes distribution building, room building, information center, the credit card center, calling center, operation center, the data backup room, training center, apartment building, canteen, etc 12 monomer building auditorium and gymnasium.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Ke Fengdi

  • What did we do?

    Lighting customization

Project Overview

Guangdong development Bank financial center is the foshan Nanhai financial high-tech zone of big MAC, covers an area of the largest, construction area of the largest, the largest investment, and in the current financial high-tech zone only a national joint-stock commercial bank's headquarters in the background of service center.

According to the development of financial center project characteristics, spatial features, ATTA lighting to customize the whole series of lighting products, rich color of the light language, using light and shade and color such as multi-level rendering technique, highlights the financial center of Guangdong development bank unique charm.