Zhoushan Zhu Jiajian Green city Westin resort hotel

As the fifth largest island in the zhoushan archipelago, the Buddha's holiday paradise, 72 square kilometers of zhujiajian, is a recreational island surrounded by green and beach. Especially during the summer season, as the largest coastal bathing place on the east coast of China, Zhu Jiajian attracts thousands of people every day to visit.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Gao Yanpeng

  • What did we do?

    Lighting customization

Project Overview

Zhu Jiajian East sand resort is located in the natural bay area of East sand, the most famous scenic spot and having a gold coastline of 1300 meters. The resort covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a gross floor area of about 230,000 square meters. It is composed of Westin hotel, sea view resort, boutique apartment hotel, high-end enterprise club and other products. The green city group is committed to making it "the chief holiday bay on the east coast of China", one of the most complete and cherished coastal resort properties across the east coast.

Green Town Westin hotel is a green city. Zhu JiaJian East sand resort group of positioning in the high-end products, is the world famous high-end hotel chain brand. Therefore Green Town, the quality of the hotel's interior decoration engineering construction has stringent requirements - the high-end custom belong to one of them.

ATTA Aotuo lamp acts the role of interior design concept, unique design, with a better understanding of the "good deepening design and excellent product customization service, after several rounds of knockout. Finally from nearly 10 competition on hands, beat Green town Westin hotel is acted the role of custom engineering and handed over to owner and hotel management companies, a perfect answer.

hotel lobby

The Green city Westin hotel was inspired by the Jewellery of the sea, Soft color and some shimmering sheen adding exquisite detail, show the feeling of infinite decorous and move close to the sea.

The hotel lobby is designed to be concise but elegant, A suspended crystal chandelier in the middle of the lobby reflects its style and taste. Especially the blue adorning import crystal is like glittering and translucent, also be like the ocean of blue, particularly glaring.


What is the most visible part of the corridor? It is the chandelier and the sapphire crystal pendant at the end of the wall lamp, which makes the whole lamp and the whole space suddenly filled with the spirit and life of the sea. Sometimes, the most beautiful is in that tiny place.

The banquet hall

Multi-function hall in the banquet hall

The space of whole banquet hall or multi-function hall is more low-key, implicative, a bit also won't become protagonist. A piece of red, or a piece of blue, is the real theme.But the large crystal lights above the ballroom, like the sparkling water of the sea, dazzled;Also like the broad of the sea, highlighted the powerful and powerful gas field, let the whole space sedate the atmosphere, tolerate thousands of.

Conference room

Different meeting rooms or VIP reception rooms have different lighting styles.The high-end lighting that ATTA makes for each space is carefully crafted and designed, but the only constant theme is: the vast sea, the sea's spirit, the life of the sea.What do you see in each lighting product and what do you say?

The Chinese restaurant

The lighting style of Chinese restaurant is similar to that of the conference hall, but the suspended crystal lamp is another style.The design of different levels and different sizes make this lamp more stereoscopic.

Guest room

The guest room is the real performance of the core value of the hotel.With glittering, very luxurious hotel lobby and appearance, guest room design has more stringent requirements, Westin hotel has always been committed to for the guests to create real, memorable and unique experience. The ATTA custom wall lamp or table lamp to decorated with the guest room. The demand of the space design is extremely matched, contracted atmosphere, quietly elegant nobility, the journey that gives a warm experience for the guest.