Four Seasons Hotel West Lake Hangzhou

The ancient myths include "the pearl of the west lake from the sky, the dragon and the phoenix dance to the Qiantang river", the west lake has the "pearl" the nickname.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Ke Fengdi

  • What did we do?

    Lighting customization

  • Hotel style

    Jiangnan courtyard style

Project Introduction

Scenery of Hangzhou the four seasons hotel is located at the west lake, make full use of the west lake of reiki, creates a winding path leading to a secluded spot, looming wave billow, courtyard garden hotel, which is one of the top luxury hotel's masterpiece in China.

The lighting products of the four seasons hotel are custom-made by ATTA. And the hotel space is in harmony with each other, and it is a representative work of the hotel lamps and lanterns.

The four seasons hotel adopts the architectural style of jiangnan courtyard style, small bridge water, winding path.The hotel entrance stone lion door, welcome to stand guard.From the door, the pavilions are shaded by trees, like the summer resort of the ancient emperor.

banquet hall

Special design

Jinlun Hall