Rose Manor Hotel Taicang

The rose manor was built by Suzhou garden flower investment co., LTD., and entrusted Suzhou louzi hotel management co., LTD to manage with full authority.Located in the scenic Suzhou Taicang modern agricultural demonstration park (Shaxi Yuewang), the hote

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    Ke Feng Di

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    Hotel lighting works

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    European style

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Project Introduction

Construction standards for five-star resort hotel, business, leisure, sightseeing, tourism, vacation, strive to build the domestic first-class, multi-function, high grade of service, a top class hotel in morden.The first phase of the construction area is about 17,000 square meters;The second phase of the construction area is about 23,000 square meters.The total number of rooms is nearly 200, and there are several presidential and several villas.

The villas are located on both sides of the hotel, and the landscape is undulating and the scenery is beautiful. It provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for people on vacation.After enjoying the full moon season and the beauty of the roses, also enjoy the delicious food of "the granary of the world, the land of fish and rice", and having the five-star tourism service.

Goethe said the building was a frozen music.

So, the light is the link between the tune and the music.With the light, the spirit of the building can be fully aroused.

In Taicang rose garden hotel lamps and lanterns of customization, lamps and lanterns of stylist according to their own design experience and life experience to create, to light life, can design the perfect fusion of lamp act the role manor atmosphere of culture and art, to display the estate's location and unique charm.

Lobby lights

The hall is one of the most distinctive features of rose manor. The lighting design style breaks the design of the traditional Chinese rules.Winding and strewn at the top of the whole hall, the rose shape crystal array, with the rose warm elements highlight the romance and warmth.Besides the adornment effect that traditional crystal lamp ACTS the role of, still have functional illumination function, give the estate of the quiet and comfortable estate increases aristocratic breath, more explicit style.

The banquet hall Ceiling light

The circular square hole money is the design reflection, embodying the thick Chinese national element, conveys the people to the rich and the rich life of the good hope and the desire, the chic of the garden is in it.

Primitive elements are used in modern materials, which are the collision and intersection of classical and fashion rapids, which together write the beautiful rhythm of light colors.

Sconce light

The low-key wall lamp always stands quietly, but also free to release its own brilliance.Light shadow, elegant fabrics and the integral style posture of the manor is consistent, do not make public, but cannot ignore.

The high-quality metal lamp body frame insets the Spanish cloud stone and the lampshade is low-key but never losing taste. Simple tonal is a kind of generous nobility and simple elegant, resembling a graceful girl of graceful and quiet welcome.