Shanghai immeasurably vast difference club

As a famous contemporary Chinese entertainment shop, it has an important influence, specific geographical, historical and cultural background.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Ding Yanqiang

  • What did we do?

    Lighting customization

Source of inspiration

Shanghai immeasurably vast difference clubexpect through finding the history and culture to show new forms to illustrate modern elegant nobility and fashion the way of life.

This design draws culture of reiki, derives from the bund of historic building elements. In the indoor building, express respect for the history by building space in the form of protection at the museum to .

The whole design and modeling language is unified, but rich in detail changes, the color harmony, the orderly space transformation, the clear level rhythm. Through the modernity expression of material and color, collocate contemporary art works the ornament of space to highlight time characteristic.

The exterior facade is based on the concept of modern architecture, through the general block, large color and the simple and hard line, with the custom burning red pottery, revealing the avant-garde artistic style.