Guangdong Heyuan first platinum five-star hotel

She is the first platinum five-star hotel in heyuan, covering 278 mu, with a total area of 120,000 square meters and a total of 399 rooms, with total investment exceeding 1 billion RMB.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Zhang shuping

  • What did we do?

    Hotel lighting works

  • Project total surface area


Design ideas

Guangdong Heyuan Evergreen lake Meisi wilton hotel (formerly named evergreen lake east international hotel) is located in the beautiful scenery of the national AAAA level evergreen lake scenic area, the mountain was built, is extremely advantageous natural resources, advantageous geographical position.

Hotel as one of the few in China modern hakka architecture, draw lessons from the appearance of hakka residents. Positive adopt symmetric form, while the side become the asymmetric shape of strewn at random discretion, the jagged, courtyard to overlap, no matter from which Angle to observe all present the artistic show the style of of primitive simplicity, grave, spectacular. The layout of the whole building is orderly, orderly, clear and harmonious, and fully integrated into the characteristics of hakka architecture.

The lobby

Large arc-shaped pendant crystal lamp is in series of thousands of crystal pieces. The unique shape is like a fine pen, which let the grand hall suddenly come to life.

The banquet hall

The four groups of powerful, suspended crystal lamp groups look like a giant picture of talking, it adds color to the whole banquet hall and makes the cold space have vitality.


The hotel lobby corridor, is a long of 10m dragon style decoration, formed by over ten thousands crystals, solemn and magnificent, resplendent. ATTA, five star hotel lighting provider, spent almost one month to make it.

Conference hall

Public rest area