Guangzhou Nanfeng lanhao hotel

The Guangzhou Nanfeng lanhao hotel, which breaks through the traditional buildings rules, is called "building blocks".Its interior design is built by Yabu Pushelberg, the world's leading design company.

  • Engineering leading designer

    Zhang Shuping

  • What did we do?

    Lighting custom design

  • Hotel style

    Modern minimalist style

  • Features

    3000m² banquet hall

Project Introduction

On January 29, 2012, the langham hotel group announced a management contract agreement with nanfeng group, a prominent Hong Kong property developer, to be appointed to manage Guangzhou Nanfeng lanhao hotel. This is the world's 20th management hotel in the langham hotel group.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobby is hanging patchwork white crystals, the butterfly shape clusters of crystals, mutual set off, which look like a group of dancing butterflies, putting a person produce infinite daydream, feeling the mind comfortable under the relaxation environment.

Details of lamps and lanterns:

Composed of a combination of transparent and amber - sized bubble glass, which forms a giant elliptical sphere, it is hard to see the other components, except the glass bulb.

The bubble glass ball contains LED luminescent light source, because of using a 6mm thickness stainless steel cable hanging, make us to enjoy the air bubbles from the water rise of vision, which having the strong artistic feeling .

Thin stainless steel cables have been fitted with a metal sheath to go through the plaster cast, in case the gypsum is worn out by the west stainless steel cable or dropping the dust.
The bearing of the lamp decoration can not be dependent on decorative ceiling hanging system, it needs to be fixed on top of the top cement.

All glass pieces need to be tested for residual stress to prevent self-implosion or falling.

With such a special design, every detail of the interior design of the Nanfeng Langhao Hotel is closely attracting the designers’ attention, so as the lighting.

In October 2013, all indoor lamps of installation and trial out in the Nanfeng Langhao hotel had been finished by ATTA lighting Company. Rich chic model and bright, colorful lighting effects make highlights in this block from outside such as building a unique temperament.

3000m²banquet hall

Banquet hall square elegant crystal chandelier is a bit of a sense of luxury, but not any extravagant. luxury lighting makes the environment of repast of more noble and taste, bright space, also makes the whole atmosphere more clear and harmonious.

Details of lamps and lanterns:

The lamp is a semi-suction ceiling crystal lamp, surrounded by triangular W30*360mm K9 crystal bars , bottom 40 # crystal covering the base, tightly arranged decorative crystal displays aristocratic style.

The light source is a monochromatic warm light, which reflects the fantastic effect of the light through the crystal surface, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Built-in light champagne gold rigid lamp plate frame, and the force top is equipped with a wire sling, so that all the stress on the cement ceiling.

All glass pieces need to be tested for residual stress to prevent self-implosion or falling.

Full-time restaurant

The concise table of rosewood foot is not too much fussy. There is the big crystal ceiling light on the top of dining-room, and the temperament is full of nobility, with dining-room table to complement each other, which let it has a piece of bright.

Details of lamps and lanterns:

The five lamps adopt a diameter of 1.2mm thickness stainless steel wire with a string of φ20*40mm glass hanging string, long and orderly interlace, so as to make the curtain type of artistic style coherent.

The lamp which is combined with the glass parts does not install the light source, but smallpox top is illuminating in the lamp array, giving us the visual impact.

Combination lamps and lanterns all adopt thin steel wire,boring a hole from the smallpox decoration plaster to hang down, and customized bigger Angle steel skeleton to solve the force problem.

Independent restaurant

Details of lamps and lanterns:

The center of the lamps and lanterns is a large cross - shaped shape with a plum glass tube, with E14 LED bulbs.The outside is surrounded by the plum blossom glass tube to form a small cross floral shape, through the side plum glass tube reflects the wonderful light shadow.

The plum blossom tube is divided into three sections to solve the problem of bending over the length, and the plum blossom glass tube is hung from the bottom of the light .

The bottom shallow champagne cross stainless steel veneer is fixed by pull rod from the ceiling plate, and the outside of the rod is covered by the shallow champagne metal casing.

The guestroom

The displays type installation tube lamps give the space to provide uniform illumination, illuminating the lasting appeal culture wall, making its texture sense to be highlighted, reflecting hotel class. The two relaxed and concise lamp of the bedside configuration is mixed with the adornment style of the hotel, whole bedroom is in the light of soft light to appear particularly sweet and romantic.