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High-end customization Unique

Exclusive customize core value is to provide customized exclusive and uniqueness, it is virtually always let the customer feeling unique, and improve customize product exclusive emotional value.

In our view, a lamp is a unique personality in the customer, it is the loyalty and enthusiasm of the brand, which is far more than the value of the product itself.

Customization rule

Preliminary negotiation

  • 01
    Bidding and negotiation

    Bidding and negotiation are the process of mutual understanding between supply and demand, and it is an opportunity for the lighting factory to fully display itself.

  • 02
    Lighting quotation

    The lighting quotation require the quotator to be very familiar with the lighting decoration, and always understand the market price trend.

  • 03
    Contract Signature

    The lighting factory should consider certain provisions according to its own situation, which is more prudent than the contract.

Preliminary negotiation
  • 04
    Deepening design

    After considering the designer's intention, hotel style, indoor environment, installation environment and other factors, ATTA will design and determine the product master plan.

  • 05
    Thinning CAD diagram

    Deepen the detail including basic view, appearance size, subject material, wire usage, etc.

  • 06
    Bidding and negotiation

    Determine the required tooling and fixtures, and make sure each engineering lighting product to be successful at once.

Preliminary negotiation

  • 07
    Production planning

    Adopt the flashback time arrangement of the delivery goods, to prepare the completion date of the local production of the lighting decoration and leave some time for it.At the same time, simultaneous development of lighting accessories procurement, outsourcing processing and other work plan, finally form a complete comprehensive production plan.

  • 08

    After the production plan of the lighting product is confirmed, the special production plan will be held, and the production plan will be assigned to the relevant departments to ensure the orderly, synchronous and cooperative product manufacturing work.

  • 09
    Production Merchandiser

    In the process of production, special merchandisers must be used to follow the whole work mode; At the same time, the production personnel should adopt the following mode, familiar with process and customer requirements, and avoid the phenomenon of mutual prevarication.

Inspection management
  • 10
    Quality Assurance

    The ATTA lighting design begins with the implementation of the quality management mechanism in the enterprise, and each participant is responsible for the quality.

  • 11
    Thinning CAD diagram

    Before the finished product is delivered to the site, the designer or owner should inspect the goods at the lighting factory for a period of time.

  • 12
    Bidding and negotiation

    The route design of finished lamp decoration to the project site should be reasonable and feasible. The installation procedure should be carried out in strict accordance with the contract specifications, while protecting the site.

After-sale service

  • 13
    After-sale service

    After consign, the owner or hotel management companies may also encounter all sorts of problems. we not only to check in the regular yearly every year, but also often to do the on-site inspections, and understand and solve problems on site.