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Belief in design - persistence
2017-09-07 By: ATTA Editor
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Design is a life concept of taste and a persistent and perfect attitude to life.Has long time, ATTA regard the design as the guide, to speed up the pace of the construction of the design team, innovation, continuous application of new concepts and elements, make the design more personality, more features, more humanized lighting products and lighting solutions and create more realistic environment, the perfect combination of light and a good lighting effect as a whole. Elaborate design team  is expected to be a comprehensive interpretation to the concept of interior designer. The designers abstract design concept deeply intensive reading, from concept to reality, to conform to the hotel environment, culture, the lamps design elements.

In addition to the guarantee of quality, the company has formed a team of designers who have always been strong.Through bold and unique design, combined with customers' different needs, we provide solutions for various commercial engineering lighting decorations, and provide professional services that meet the special requirements of every hotel user.


Break through the traditional

The traditional design, which contains traditional Chinese elements, combined with the design of new modern elements, has become a new art.The company has been focusing on its own elements, creating a unique lighting effect through innovative design concepts.We believe that tradition itself is used to break through the traditional ladder.


Brand comes from specialty

ATTA has produced from strategy to design, and then to fall to the ground of a complete industrial chain, the core of our service is through the scientific nature, the diversity of design and brand management, help customers to build a well-known brand system, create the exclusive brand of lighting design, set up throughout the world belongs to the Chinese enterprise's excellent brand image and the humanities style.

Ten years, we hold on the "professional faith" as the totem, unswervingly safeguard stick up for the character of Chinese design. We have the power of the professional and the brand image of the enterprise, which made the rolling development for China's creative design the ideal of bench marking.Future, ATTA will continue to focus on design and brand management, hope that through our professional strength for more hotel engineering custom services, and constantly accumulation of different style, scientific nature and the design concept, we kept on power.