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How to do clean the clear crystal lamp?
2017-09-04 By: ATTA Editor
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The crystal lamp has a long history in the world, the original crystal lamp should be made of K9 crystal.It is bright, glittering and translucent and become people's favorite products!However, if the crystal lights are not cleaned after a long time, there will be a lot of dirt, so that the lighting of the crystal light will become dark. How to do the cleaning?

1.     Crystal beads wipe: While wiping the bead, must have a soft cloth dipped in diluted detergent water, gently on the back of the crystal beads are clean at the same time (when wiping can't hold down, so as not to pull strings).

2.     Keep balance of the lamp body: if you want to clean all the strings, large lamps need to note down the strings of the balance of the lamp body, don't hurt the side down again on the other side and cause the lamp body tilt, which will lead the lamp body or frame deformation; It should be disassembled on all sides.

3.     Wipe bracket fittings: when wiping bracket, fittings, soft cloth does not touch water especially can't touch alcohol water, in order to avoid wiping the protective film outside electroplating layer, affect the surface of the lamp holder shine effect. Just keep cloth is really soft and clean.

4.     Pay attention to safety: when cleaning the lamp holder, must cut off the power.The bulb also needs to be removed and put on;The bulb should be moderate in the rotation, too loose or too tight are not good. If it wants the crystal lamp to give full effect,it is better to choose ordinary transparent bulb, so do not grind sand or color light bulb.

5.     Timely replacement of accessories: when find that the link of the beads is rusty and discolored, and it is brittle also the defect of bead string is found., we need to replace the new parts in time for it.

6.     Buy special cleaning agent, spray on crystal lamps, cleaning agent will evaporate together with dirt and stain;The crystal pendant can also be removed and soaked in kerosene. After the stain is softened, wash with washing powder and then install it after drying.


Crystal lamp cleaning precautions

1, when cleaning the crystal lamps, it needs to do different treatment according to different quality crystal lighting. Some don't need to rinse, simply use the soft cloth to wipe the surface of the body.

2.When cleaning crystal lamps and lanterns, do not rotate the light body randomly, avoid loosen the screw tooth to break the people.In the process of cleaning, if find relevant fittings rusted or change color, affect beautiful and quality, had better replace corresponding fittings, let the lamps and lanterns return luster.